Other Building Types August 12, 2009

Web-based tools track federal stimulus spending

Looking for a slice of stimulus funds? Online maps show where the money goes.

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Lighting and Lighting Controls June 12, 2009

Partnership spurs smart grid development

Duke Energy and Cisco Systems will partner to speed the development of efficient smart grid technologies.

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Electrical and Power June 3, 2009

Pacific Gas & Electric named most solar integrated utility

Pacific Gas & Electric has been named the most solar integrated utility by the Solar Electric Power Assn.

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Energy, Power May 20, 2009

Cisco releases new Smart Grid technologies

Cisco releases smart energy tools that allow users to manage energy consumption.

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Energy, Power March 27, 2009

National Green Bank proposal introduced

United States Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) proposed legislation that would establish a Green Bank for energy efficiency projects.

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Electrical and Power February 27, 2009

Two Fortune 500 companies commit to renewable energy

Two Fortune 500 companies are beginning to show significant commitments to renewable energy technology.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical February 20, 2009

Siemens, Telkonet manage school’s energy use

Siemens will work with Tennessee schools, and Telkonent with New York University (NYU), to provide retrofits and energy management systems at almost 200 structures.

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Other Building Types February 20, 2009

L.A. enacts the largest LED lighting retrofit on record

Los Angeles will replace its 140,000 streetlight fixtures with LED units over the next five years. L.A. will receive help from the Clinton Climate initiative for taking part in the most extensive municipal green lighting retrofit on record.

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Electrical and Power February 13, 2009

Wind power blows through the Midwest

This week, ITC Holdings, Novi, Mich., began a major electricity transmission project that will bring renewable energy from sparsely populated, wind-rich areas to heavily populated urban areas like Chicago and Minneapolis.

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Electrical and Power February 13, 2009

According to RMI study, the U.S. could reduce electricity costs nationwide by 30%

In a study completed by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), an assessment of the electric productivity of the 50 states reveals that improving energy efficiency could cut consumption by 30%.

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