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Codes and Standards June 6, 2011

ASHRAE 32P open for public comment

ASHRAE Guideline 32P aims to improve the performance of all buildings by providing guidance on optimizing operation and maintenance of buildings to achieve low costs without sacrificing safety or functionality.

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Electrical and Power April 19, 2011

Undergrads create toolkit for net zero energy design

Two students are developing a net zero toolkit with the support of ASHRAE’s Undergraduate Senior Project Grant, which awarded grants to 14 schools this year.

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Codes and Standards March 10, 2011

Guidance on ASHRAE Ventilation Standard

Spreadsheet, examples guide engineers through implementing ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010.

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Codes and Standards February 14, 2011

ASHRAE releases policy recommendations for new Congress

ASHRAE releases its potential roadmap for the federal government, highlights include energy policy and climate change, research funding, implementing energy efficient measures

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Lighting and Lighting Controls March 8, 2010

Changes proposed for Standard 90.1

Public input to help shape the technical requirements in Standard 90.1 is being sought through 21 proposed addenda, which could become part of the 2010 standard.

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Codes and Standards March 8, 2010

Members sought for ASHRAE committee

Members are being sought and changes proposed for the new standard for the design of high-performance green buildings published in January.

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Building Automation and Controls February 10, 2010

ASHRAE 135 addenda pass

BACnet adds language options for both computers and humans.

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Electrical and Power January 25, 2010

ASHRAE bestows tech awards

Technology awards highlight outstanding building projects that incorporate elements of innovative building design.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical January 15, 2010

Guidance on clearing indoor air through improved IAQ

Guidance for achieving enhanced IAQ is available from five leading building industry associations and the U.S. EPA.

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Energy, Power November 18, 2009

ASHRAE releases efficiency guide for existing buildings

Making a case for energy efficiency in existing buildings: new industry publication now available from ASHRAE.

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