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For more than 40 years, Salas O’Brien has been at the forefront of designing buildings that are healthy, sustainable, and cost-efficient.


Buildings March 18, 2022

Hidden features future-proof science complex

The University of Connecticut’s Gant Science Complex has undergone many transformations to let this building remain vibrant and competitive more than 50 years after its inception.

By Salas O'Brien
Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps February 25, 2022

Princeton University’s geo-exchange/heating hot water system

Designing a Highly Customized Hybrid Geo-Exchange/Heating Hot Water System to Support Princeton’s Goal for Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2046

By Salas O'Brien
Educational Facilities August 3, 2021

Building Readiness: Reopening educational institutions

There are many educational administrators who are committed to reopening but are uncertain about the best, most cost-effective path to welcoming staff and students back safely.

By Salas O'Brien
Buildings May 19, 2021

Creating safe and healthy buildings through good design

The possibility of transmitting or contracting COVID-19 and overwhelming our healthcare system is still a concern for many and needs to be part of the overall building design.

By Salas O'Brien
Air Quality May 12, 2021

Indoor air quality and airborne transmission of COVID-19

Adjustments to a building's mechanical system could slow the spread.

By Salas O'Brien
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