Roger Koppenheffer and Caleb Marvin

Roger Koppenheffer is a principal at Certus Consulting Engineers. He a founding principal and brings 26 years of experience in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing consulting field to manage and engineer a multitude of projects, specializing in health care. Caleb Marvin is an associate at Certus Consulting Engineers. He has more than five years of mechanical engineering experience in the design and construction of health care facilities. He brings technical knowledge and solution-oriented expertise to the health care engineering industry.


Table 1: The UV-C light schedule provides the information needed to specify the ultraviolet lights used for the project. Courtesy: Certus Consulting Engineers
Air Quality October 21, 2021

Case study: Hospital HVAC retrofit

Air handling units were retrofitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to mitigate the coronavirus in a hospital

By Roger Koppenheffer and Caleb Marvin
Courtesy: Certus Consulting Engineers
Environmental Health October 20, 2021

Applying UVGI in health care HVAC systems

The importance of and attention to cleaner air for patients and staff is ever-increasing. This reviews UVGI system effectiveness, capabilities and application to provide cleaner and safer air in the health care environment

By Roger Koppenheffer and Caleb Marvin
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