Phil Miller

An executive vice president and on the Board of Directors at Henderson, Phil Miller is a steadfast leader in our firm. We considered ourselves lucky when Phil joined our team in 2001, and his impact only continues to grow. With three decades of mechanical design experience, Phil now oversees several teams within Henderson, including our New York Las Vegas, and Los Angeles offices, that are focused on growing our tall building, mixed-use, and sports venue experience. His uncanny understanding of a client’s needs and mild obsession with quality make him a hit with both employees and clients alike. Whether he’s advising a client, improving a complex design, or developing a strategic plan for Henderson’s future, Phil has a unique way of stepping outside of a situation and seeing it from all angles to identify the best solution.


HVAC/R and Mechanical June 3, 2019

Stack Effect: Why it was so difficult to stay warm this winter

Many street-level tenants of high-rise buildings found it nearly impossible to keep occupants warm despite having thermostats set to maintain comfortable temperatures. In many cases the problem, while fairly common, is not widely understood — it’s known as stack effect.

By Phil Miller
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