Oxygen8 is changing the way buildings provide healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient spaces for occupants. We provide 100% fresh, filtered air and smart technology for maximum comfort and value. Our product line includes high-efficiency energy recovery, MERV-13 filtration, and integration with Daikin VRV heat-pump technology for heating and cooling. Oxygen8’s flagship product, Nova, was developed as a response to arising industry trends and requirements. Nova is a low-profile indoor energy recovery ventilation system, which integrates with VRV technology and uses a decentralized approach to ventilation with suite-by-suite or floor-by-floor installation. The low-profile dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) design has the ability to be ceiling, wall, or floor-mounted. The unit arrives on-site with factory-installed DX coils, expansion valves, and controls for easy installation, furthermore through the use of a Polymer ERV core, there is minimal maintenance and easy access to the MERV-13 filters.


HVAC/R and Mechanical May 17, 2023

High-efficiency modular counter-flow ERV

Ventum+ is a high-efficiency modular counter-flow core H/ERV that integrates seamlessly with hydronic coils as well as Daikin DX and hot gas reheat technology for accurate temperature and humidity control. Ventum+ features variable speed plenum ECM direct-driven fans with low energy consumption and insulated panels for a high-efficiency solution. The stacked counter-flow core allows for high sensible and latent energy recovery with minimal maintenance and no cross-contamination. Ventum+ units have an airflow range of 1,200 – 10,000 cfm.

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