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Oxford Flow design and produce innovative pressure valve technology. In an industry that has been more focused on incremental improvements than true innovation, Oxford Flow is reimagining critical valve technology for the energy, water, and industrial sectors. Engineered to be smaller, lighter, and more reliable than competing technology they can significantly reduce cost of ownership and maintenance. The valves can also dramatically reduce emissions and provide a safer more sustainable solution, without compromising performance. Products include, in-line valves, pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) and liquid and gas regulators. Oxford Flow valves originated from research undertaken by Oxford University to regulate gas pressures more accurately. Today, the products are marketed globally in sectors including oil & gas, power generation and the petrochemical industry.Oxford Flow are part of a Strategic Partnership with Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GFPS). Our innovative Pressure Regulating Valves for Utility Water and Wastewater are now available through GFPS – co-developed as NeoFlow. With sophisticated engineering offices, research and development department and production facility, Oxford Flow is well positioned to help resolve your challenges. Get in touch with the friendly team.


Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps June 6, 2021

IP-X pressure control valve

The Oxford Flow IP-X Series is a unique, patented range of pilot-controlled axial flow pressure regulators developed specifically for water applications in a range of configurations, including pressure reducing, sustaining, sustaining/relief and tank level control. Learn more about the Oxford Flow IP-X pressure control valve.Learn more about other Oxford Flow IP series liquid pressure control valves.

Oxford Flow
Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps June 7, 2017

IP-K pressure control valve

The Oxford Flow range of IP-K pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are ideal for mobile hydrant service and come complete with integrated handles, feet and quick-fit connections. Learn more about the Oxford Flow IP-K pressure control valve.Discover more products in the Oxford Flow IP series liquid regulator valves.

Oxford Flow
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