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Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps December 1, 2006

Discovering the Water’s Edge

An aerial panorama from the shores of Lake Michigan reveals Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin as the place where clear skies meet blue waters. Standing on top of the building's Pilot House even uncovers a 360° view of the City's skyline and the vast lake below. The view is so unobstructed that one must—at least an M/E/P engineer must—wonder where the building is hiding its me...

By Mindi Zissman, Contributing Writer
Electrical and Power April 1, 2005

Hot Designs for Cool Data

The generic term "data center" implies many things. In other words, a data center can be anything from a single computer room in an office to a huge, off-site server farm that serves data and telecommunications operations. The latter is the more typically the case, as many companies store their most important records or perform a significant portion of their IT-related business functions in off...

By Mindi Zissman, Contributing Writer
Educational Facilities January 1, 2005

Oregon Schools Produce Work-Ready Grads

Jill Pinkstaff is a 23-year-old mechanical engineer who has worked for Eugene, Ore.-based Hynix Semiconductor and Intel Corp, Hillsboro, Ore. Although Pinkstaff has cultivated a great career, she's missing one thing: her degree. Sound like a real-life Doogie Hauser? Try MECOP participant. MECOP—The Multiple Engineering Cooperation Program—launched at Oregon State University (OSU) in...

By Mindi Zissman, Contributing Writer
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