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MNS, ECS September 1, 2006

Technology Yields a Confluence of Fire Protection and Security

Security is a behavioral science based on human want, need, decision-making and action. Fire protection is a discipline based on physical science. But thanks to breakthroughs in technology, notably in the world of digital video, the two crafts are converging to produce unexpected results. According to Bill Sako, president of Sako & Assocs., Chicago, a division of the fire protection firm RJA, video smoke detectors are a prime example of this hybrid science.

By Lindsay Saran, Editorial Intern
Other Building Types August 1, 2006

Security Tech Innovations are Radical

Just a month ago a fairly significant anniversary passed without much ado. The specific date was July 7—the one-year anniversary of the London subway bombings. At the time, the event, just after London was named host of the 2012 summer Olympic Games, brought back many of the same insecurities people experienced after 9/11. But while the anniversary passed under the radar of the average American, it didn't mean those in the security industry weren't paying attention.

By Lindsay Saran, Editorial Intern
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