Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Editor


Other Building Types January 1, 2004

Convening With Authority

The effects of Sept. 11 on tourism and the slowdown in the economy certainly have taken their toll on the convention industry. However, industry personnel are starting to see some turnaround. "Over the last decade, there was a tremendous amount of convention center activity, with 20 or more centers in the pipeline at one time," says Michael Ezell, principal at Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Editor
Educational July 1, 2001

Engineered for Seniors

A visit to a senior-living facility today presents a much different picture from the traditional retirement home of a decade or two ago. Particularly with the development of more continuing-care retirement communities (CCRCs), the trend has been for designers to extend the "residential nature" of each phase of the community for as long as possible—allowing residents to feel as if they ar...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Editor