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Codes and Standards December 20, 2002

Motor Control Centers a Must

December’s C-SE broaches the subject of motor control centers: the latest innovations, most current code issues and the most common mistakes engineers make in specifying MCCs.

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Codes and Standards April 1, 2002

M/E Roundtable: Good R&D? It’s All in the Lab

Early and good communication are essential elements for cost effective lab design

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Codes and Standards April 1, 2002

Specifier’s Notebook: Illuminating Facts on Industrial Efficiency

Last month, thousands from the manufacturing industry—including the press—invaded Chicago's McCormick Place, taking over all three halls of the sprawling exhibit complex to conduct National Manufacturing Week. In my forays through the numerous exhibits...

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Electrical and Power March 15, 2002

The Positive Effects of Green Roofs

CSE's March 2002 issue featured an article on the growing importance of water conservation and detailed some projects that have conserved water through a variety of methods, including the use of green roofs. This "Deep Link" goes on to explain some further advantages of green roofs.

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Energy, Power November 17, 2001

The Rest of the Roundtable, Part 1- Technology

In October and November, CSE shared discussion from a roundtable discussion held in New York City in August. Here is the first of three extra installments from those discussions, focusing on the use of technology at engineering firms.

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Building Automation and Controls November 1, 2001

Good Catch

Our October all-star team once again steps up to the plate to discuss personnel management, including retention and growth strategies that sometimes necessitate mergers and acquisitions

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
Healthcare Facilities October 1, 2001

Heavy Hitters

An all-star assembly of the Northeast's prime-time players step up to the plate in the Big Apple to address some of the profession's toughest legal and firm management issues

By Jim Crockett, Editor in Chief
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