Jarron Gass

Jarron Gass is fire protection discipline leader at CDM Smith. He focuses on fire suppression and alarm design and analysis and water supply analysis.


Case Study May 27, 2022

Case study: How the Texas freeze event affected fire sprinklers

The deep freeze in Texas affected many systems, including fire sprinklers and backflow prevention devices

By Jarron Gass
Codes and Standards May 27, 2022

How NFPA changes its codes and standards

NFPA updates codes and standards on a regular basis, typically every three years

By Jarron Gass
Fire and Life Safety May 26, 2022

Understanding the NFPA 13-2022 updates

An overview of the adopted changes of NFPA 13 offers insights into what changes are imminent

By Jarron Gass
Pumps December 22, 2021

How to select, size fire pumps

Proper fire pump sizing and selection can result in efficient and effective fire suppression systems in a cost-effective manner

By Jarron Gass
Fire and Life Safety April 26, 2021

Fire protection challenges in storage spaces

Fire sprinklers for high-piled storage continues to evolve as challenges arise and technologies are developed, tested and implemented, driving forward the levels of protection

By Jarron Gass
Fire and Life Safety April 26, 2021

The history of fire sprinkler systems and their problems

Fire sprinklers have evolved over the years to account for larger warehouse facilities

By Jarron Gass
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