Hope Herron, Resilient Infrastructure Expert

Hope Herron has been an environmental specialist and climate resilience expert with Tetra Tech for more than 10 years. She develops strategic, sustainable, resilient, and socio-economic solutions to global development challenges. Hope uses her knowledge to improve livelihoods, mitigate climate change impacts, and increase transparency for sustainable supply chains—from creating climate change assessment tools in the Caribbean to incorporating environmental considerations into road and bridge design in South Sudan. Hope holds masters’ degrees in natural resource studies from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, and international communication from American University, and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Sustainability July 3, 2019

Resiliency, climate change with Hope Herron, Resilient Infrastructure Expert

Today’s cities need to be designed to be resilient in the face of a more uncertain future.

By Hope Herron, Resilient Infrastructure Expert
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