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Building Automation and Controls May 16, 2023

Next Generation Cellular Module (NXCM)

Honeywell's Next Generation Cellular Module (NXCM) enables Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and is a groundbreaking solution that upgrades legacy gas and water meters into smart meters without requiring expenditure on additional infrastructure. This innovative module allows meters to be wirelessly connected through existing public cellular networks, enhancing monitoring, safety, and analytics capabilities for utility providers and their customers. The NXCM helps utility providers gather data from gas and water meters, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and providing customers with accurate usage information. By retrofitting existing meters with the NXCM, utility providers can leverage the benefits of smart meter technology without the need for significant custom infrastructure investments that would require additional installation and maintenance costs. The NXCM is a flexible and scalable solution for utility providers of all sizes, with secure data transmission using advanced authentication methods and AES-128 encryption that ensures utilities comply with metering and data management regulatory requirements.

Honeywell Smart Energy Thermal Solutions
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