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Engineered Materials November 30, 2022

Island Canopy Stainless Steel

Island Canopy Hoods, Stainless Steel, Chemical Resistant   Stainless Steel Island Canopy Hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, soldiering operations, heat, steam, and odors when mounted over areas with water baths, hot plates or portable equipment. Manufactured of Stainless Steel, Island canopy hoods are lightweight and can be suspended from the ceiling over island locations using steel pipes. The canopy fume hood’s smooth surfaces provide superior chemical, corrosion and heat resistance.

HEMCO Corporation
Buildings March 2, 2022

HEPA Filtered Clean Rooms

HEPA Filtered Clean RoomsHEPA Filtered Clean Rooms feature a modular construction design that is cost effective and time efficient compared to traditional construction. An entire laboratory workspace is pre-engineered including the structure and the lab furniture/fume hoods to outfit the interior. HEPA Filtered Clean Rooms wall panels have a white fiberglass surface for chemical resistance and excellent light reflectivity.

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