Doug Everhart

If you need an expert in K-12 education design, look no further than Doug Everhart, a vice president and our K-12 practice director at Henderson Engineers. Although he is well-known for proactivity and responsiveness, what really makes Doug stand out is his awareness and knowledge of a client’s needs with a great understanding of the future of education design. Doug leads a team of education experts, and lucky for us, he is as talented in fostering a strong work ethic within his team as he is in designing innovative learning environments for the students and teachers who use the spaces he’s been creating for more than a decade. His calm and steady leadership throughout the design process makes him a favorite with clients. No surprise he’s a favorite of ours, too.


Educational Facilities January 13, 2020

Designing schools equipped for future adaptability

Instead of creating various rooms for specialty functions, schools are now incorporating educational spaces that can serve many needs.

By Doug Everhart
Educational Facilities June 6, 2019

Learning environment trends: Key takeaways from A4LE regional conferences

A common theme among education conferences is an exploration into what we can do as design partners, facility managers, district leaders, educators, etc. to continuously improve the learning experience for students.

By Doug Everhart
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