David Stymiest

David Stymiest is a senior consultant at Smith Seckman Reid Inc. He has 48 years of experience in multiple types of facilities as a consulting electrical engineer, construction management and facility electrical engineering as an owner and now also a facility engineering management consultant. Although David Stymiest is a primary voting member (NFPA Special Expert category) and was previously the 10-year chairman of the NFPA Technical Committee on Emergency Power Supplies, which is responsible for NFPA 110 and 111, all views and opinions expressed in this article are purely those of the author and shall not be considered the official position of NFPA or any of its Technical Committees and shall not be considered to be, nor be relied upon as, a Formal Interpretation. Readers are encouraged to refer to the entire texts of all referenced documents (www.nfpa.org/110).


Codes and Standards November 19, 2021

The evolution of NFPA 110

NFPA 110 has changed in the past several years, and electrical engineers should understand the nuances

By David Stymiest
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