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Electrical and Power June 27, 2016

Mobile diesel generator

Cat XQ60 mobile diesel generator set is rated at 60 kVA for prime operation and meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.

By Caterpillar
Electrical and Power November 19, 2014

Mobile generator for air quality management

The Cat XQ375 mobile diesel generator is designed to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards and features enhanced sound attenuation as well as quick voltage change.

By Caterpillar
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Electrical, Power October 2, 2023

Energy storage systems for power system design

Cat Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are commercially available battery technologies that help enhance power reliability and quality, improve flexibility in power system design, support the integration of renewable energy sources and potentially reduce overall energy costs Now available for purchase and rental from Cat dealers in select regions worldwide, Cat ESS offerings include Cat power grid stabilization (PGS) and Cat energy time shift (ETS) modules with optional energy capacity expansion (ECE) modules. The systems feature flexible, scalable and modular designs for a wide range of electric power distributed energy system applications, offering capabilities including generator set transient assist, grid integration and support, shifting of energy from time of generation to time of use, power stabilization, power factor correction and renewable energy integration.

Energy, Power November 1, 2023

DG350-DG500 Natural Gas Generator Sets

Cat DG350-DG500 natural gas generator sets deliver improved power density, fuel efficiency and emissions performance combined with Caterpillar’s renowned reliability and support. Now available from Cat dealers in North America for small- to medium-sized standby and demand response applications, the generator sets are factory certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in non-emergency applications. Designed utilizing Caterpillar’s deep gas engine development expertise, the new generator sets deliver high power density and provide an optimal solution for numerous energy projects. Available in both standalone and modular parallel configurations, these generator sets offer improved fuel efficiency and extended annual run times, making them exceptional for energy management applications such as demand response programs that compensate large energy users for producing extra power during periods of peak demand and exporting it to the grid.

Power Generation August 3, 2022

Cat D30 diesel generator set

Powered by the Cat® C2.2 engine, the Cat D30 generator set meets the U.S. EPA’s emergency emission standards as well as all applicable UL and C-UL standards. It features exceptional performance, a minimal footprint, prompt parts availability, and optional steel or aluminum enclosures. Leveraging field-proven Cat engines already used in heavy-duty equipment around the world, it is ideal for a wide range of small standby applications, such as small healthcare, retail and commercial enterprises, telecommunications, water and wastewater treatment operations, municipal infrastructure, and office buildings. The Cat D30 generator set includes Caterpillar’s standard two-year warranty for standby power solutions, with a suite of additional extended service coverage options available.

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