Barbara Horwitz, Contributing Editor


Building Automation and Controls November 1, 2003

Computer Room Power: Up or Under?

Electrical experts discuss ways to avoid busway and UPS configuration faux pas, share a new technology update and check in on the latest codes. CONSULTING-SPECIFYING ENGINEER: What are the main challenges involved in designing busway configurations for the ever-increasing power needs of computer rooms? ROSS: The first is underfloor conditions.

By Barbara Horwitz, Contributing Editor
Codes and Standards September 1, 2002

The Big Thrill

The thrill of riding up a huge mountain of steel, momentarily hovering at the top, then breathlessly descending down a steep angle at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour just can't be beat, especially for thrill seekers. Or taking part in a full-sensory, 3-D time travel adventure while hurling through outer space, out of control, can be an experience of sheer ecstasy.

By Barbara Horwitz, Contributing Editor
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