Alvise Simondetti, Arup


Building Automation and Controls June 16, 2017

Autonomy enables adaptive built environment

Autonomous operation, though posing certain challenges, seems to be heading in the direction of creating an environment that can adapt to environmental change over time and make decisions.

By Alvise Simondetti, Arup
Codes and Standards May 8, 2015

Arup Thoughts: Let BIM unite standardisers and innovators

Some in the industry argue that building information modelling (BIM) should be used to enable radical innovation, while others feel its main goal should be standardization.

By Alvise Simondetti, Arup
Buildings December 30, 2014

Arup Thoughts: New robots will revolutionize the built environment

Robotics has shifted from being the domain of the mechanical engineer to the realm of network experts.

By Alvise Simondetti, Arup
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