Aaron Szalaj

Aaron Szalaj, PE, is a principal control systems engineer with Stanley Consultants, Denver. He has more than 20 years of professional engineering experience. His project experience includes renewable energies, water and wastewater, energy systems and federal installations. He specializes in control systems and project management, providing a unique perspective on each project to which he contributes. Szalaj has extensive experience with control systems and electrical engineering.


Pictured is the Baylor University Sciences building, which was a part of the legacy campus building controls that needed to be updated into a smart system.
Building Automation and Controls March 28, 2023

How to transition legacy campus building controls into a smart system

How Baylor University modernized its legacy systems to provide more efficiency

By Aaron Szalaj
Building Automation and Controls February 9, 2022

Top smart building system essentials

These three critical considerations, three best investments and three common pitfalls will help in the design of a smart building

By Aaron Szalaj
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