Your questions answered: Division 25 Specification

Questions not answered during the Oct. 22, 2019, webcast on “Division 25 Specification: Live Software Demonstration for Integrated Systems” are answered here

By Brad Bonfiglio, Schneider Electric November 4, 2019

Data’s exponential growth is driving demand for future-ready, sustainable buildings that meet current and future occupant/tenant needs. As a result, there is an increased interest in intelligent and connected buildings, and a unique opportunity to apply AIA’s little-known MasterFormat Division 25 Specification to adapt and adjust to digitization and produce high-performance buildings in the process. 

Not all questions were answered during the Oct. 22, 2019, webcast Division 25 Specification: Live Software Demonstration for Integrated Systems. Read on for the responses.  

Presenter: Brad Bonfiglio, Consultant Solution Architect Director, Schneider Electric 

Question: What is the communications protocol for the described systems in your demonstration? Are all the systems stand-alone independent manufactured systems communicating with something like BACnet or Modbus, or are all systems Schneider Electric manufactured systems? 

Brad Bonfiglio: We are using a combined BACnet IP, Modbus and EcoStruxure web services, which is native within Schneider Electric products. 

Question: How does the system integration coordination fit into the typical designbidbuild construction processIt seems to be a significant process. 

Brad Bonfiglio: The AIA integrated project delivery process is a great process to follow for system integration coordination 

Question: Does the integration require all systems to be from Schneider Electric family of companies? 

Brad Bonfiglio: No, we do not require a Schneider Electric family of equipment. We have built-in open protocols to communicate with other manufactures such as BACnet, Modbus, LONworksweb services and SNMP. 

Question: When using a Division 25 specification, which contractor would do the commissioning/verifications to make sure all this works as expected? 

Brad Bonfiglio: We have typically seen an independent commissioning agent perform the verification.  

Question: Is this software compatible with my building information modeling? 

Brad Bonfiglio: We do have BIM models already but need more information to answer software compatible.” 

Question: Are there any tools to help stakeholders to determine the level of interoperability? Just what they want to control? Cost impacts? 

Brad Bonfiglio: This question really falls into a cost versus benefit analysis. By defining the project stakeholder’s overall goals and key metrics will help determine the level of interoperability and cost impact. 

Question: Does infrastructure cabling play into this division to connect this all together? 

Brad Bonfiglio: Yes, it does (internet protocol). 

Question: How secure is this application? Can you install this application/software locally and do we need a Schneider Electric server for remote monitoring?” 

Brad Bonfiglio: Locally our software supports the IEC 62443 (ISA99) certifications and TLS 1.2 encryption. 

Question: Does Division 25 cover commissioning? 

Brad Bonfiglio: We have typically seen an independent commissioning agent perform the verification.  

Question: Does your software talk to most control vendor products?? 

Brad Bonfiglio: Our software uses BACnet IP to communicate to other control vendor protects.