Wireless technology for building controls

Trane offers Air-Fi wireless technology for building controls.

By Trane April 27, 2015

Trane offers Air-Fi wireless technology for building controls. Air-Fi wireless replaces the need for wired building controls. Air-Fi has self-repairing mesh technology that features redundant signal paths to help prevent communication failures. Trane offers a typical 200-ft indoor signal range, extending up to 1/2 mile when unobstructed for even greater levels of signal reliability. Air-Fi is a ZigBee Certified building automation solution, and the system is built on a platform that supports BACnet open standards. Trane Air-Fi wireless also conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, so customers get a wireless building automation system (BAS) communication system that reliably coexists with other wireless systems, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, without interference. Air-Fi secures building automation networks by the use of AES-128 encryption, keys, and device authentication.