Video: Comparison: NETA Standard for Electrical Commissioning and ACG Commissioning Guideline

This study is intended to contrast similarities and differences with guidelines and standards for electrical commissioning practices.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) February 22, 2023
Courtesy: CxEnergy

Learning Objectives:

  • Defining electrical commissioning.
  • Identified application for select standards and guidelines addressing electrical commissioning.
  • How select standards and guidelines address owner needs, such as project phasing.
  • Examples of electrical commissioning scope and how select standards and guidelines address industry and government programs.

Video courtesy: CxEnergy


  • Jesse Felter, SSRCx, ACG Cx Guideline Committee
  • Mark Gelfo, PE, CxA, EMP, LEED, TLC Engineering Solutions
  • Peter Turek, CxA, EMP, LEED AP, O&M, TLC Engineering Solutions
  • Charles Jackson III, PE, PMP, CxA, CEM, Sustainable Building Partners
  • Jim Magee, CxA, EMP, LEED AP, president, Facility Commissioning Group

Owners must navigate an industry without seemingly clear direction with electrical commissioning criteria. It can be argued that resources used for commissioning of electrical equipment and systems would better serve the owner if providing a systematic process, repeatable for a range of project scope and needs. This comparative study is intended to contrast similarities and differences with guidelines and standards for possible electrical commissioning practices.

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