Video: “Balancing Act”: Strategies and Lessons Learned from Companies that Do Both TAB and Commissioning

Learn ways to promote combined services as a discounted approach and efficiently provide total system balancing and a complete building commissioning process.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) January 19, 2021

Video courtesy: CxEnergy

Presenters: Justin Garner, P.E., CxA, TBE, Engineered Air Balance

This course will address ways to differentiate services within your team and explain to clients that there is not a “fox guarding the hen house”, and ways to promote combined services as a discounted approach and efficiently provide Total System Balancing and a complete Building Commissioning process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to evaluate deliverables of both the TAB and Cx processes that would overlap in scope.
  2. Learn to develop a process to differentiate services between TAB and Cx personnel in order to meet the client’s objectives for the Cx process with minimal overlap or perceived conflict of interest.
  3. Learn the correct roles of the TAB and Cx teams during the early construction, equipment startup, testing and acceptance and closeout / warranty phases of a project.
  4. Learn how the TAB and Cx teams can cooperate and help one another to efficiently complete their respective scopes, thus providing a higher quality Cx process for the owner.

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