The support from green advocacy organizations is an important step to create the nation's first safe and sustainable code.

By Source: International Code Council July 22, 2009

The International Code

Council’ s International Green Construction Code

(IGCC) initiative is receiving support from

influential and leading industry organizations, including the U.S. Green

Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Building Initiative

(GBI) , as the code’s developing committee prepares for

its first meeting later this month.

The first meeting of the

Sustainable Building Technology Committee (SBTC), July 28-30 in Chicago, will launch

development activities geared toward the creation of the IGCC. All meetings of

the SBTC are open to the public, with stakeholder participation highly

encouraged. Both the USGBC and GBI have weighed in with their support of the

design and development of the IGCC, the nation’s first code to address green

commercial and high-performance buildings. The Code Council’s IGCC initiative

was launched with the naming of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and

ASTM International as cooperating sponsors.