U.S. can learn from European green building examples

Green building consultant Jerry Yudelson's latest book and YouTube video explain how the U.S. can benefit from looking more closely at Europe's innovative green building examples.

By Source: Yudelson Associates July 29, 2009

Jerry Yudelson says in his

new YouTube video that the

greenest new buildings on the planet are located in London,

Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

“Europeans are leading the pack,” said American green building consultant Jerry Yudelson.

“when it comes to energy-efficient green buildings. I learned of a

building in Frankfurt in June that uses

one-third the energy of best American practice.”



Yudelson spent two years

researching his new book, “Green Building Trends: Europe,” which

documents the latest European sustainable technologies, cutting-edge ideas, and

green home trends. Citing primarily examples from Germany,

the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom,

Yudelson’s book showcases the work of leading architects and engineers involved

with many of the continent’s exemplary green buildings.


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