Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer content, March 1-7, 2024

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer content this week covered topics including: designing hospital suites, retrofit pump kits and the product of the year award

By Anna Steingruber March 8, 2024
Suites within a hospital facility are used to comply with NFPA 101 requirements while keeping patient comfort and care as a top priority. Courtesy: Jacia Phillips, Henderson Engineers

1. How to utilize suites under NFPA 101 requirements

Suites are a great design option that allow for operational flexibility in health care facilities, while still meeting NFPA 101 requirements.

2. Retrofit pump kit for replacement facility sewage pumps

Designed to replace faulty sewage pumps and its components, the Sanipit 24GR offers a mess-free and reliable replacement solution.

3. Voting is open for the 2024 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year Program

Cast your vote for your favorite products before April 12, 2024.

4. Lighting: How codes, guidelines affect lighting design

Good lighting and lighting controls enhance building design, conserve energy and increase productivity, safety, security, personal comfort, sales, attendance and profit.

5. Adaptability and sustainability important trends in office building design

Key trends in the design of office buildings encompasses environmental regulations, the “flight to quality” and the evolving nature of hybrid workspaces.

Author Bio: Associate editor, CFE Media and Technology