Realcomm Announces Research Portal

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff May 25, 2006

(From RealcommAdvisory)

In almost every area of business, research plays an important role in moving markets forward. There are those who take the time to ask the tough questions and ponder where the next phase of evolution will occur in their respective businesses. Without good research, business would become stagnant and eventually lose its forward momentum. For this reason Realcomm has decided to offer a place where the industry can post and share information relevant to commercial real estate and corporate real estate and technology.

The information available in the Realcomm Research Portal will include references to articles, books, case studies, research reports and white papers. The initial topic categories will be: Building Automation, Business Solutions, Consulting Services, Data, Design, Digital Signage, Real Estate and Telecom/Wireless. Of course, additional categories may be added in the future, as this service grows.

These submissions will come from a number of different individuals and organizations. Anyone wishing to submit a paper or document can do so directly online in this Research section. An easy to use upload function allows for auto posting. Once submitted, each document will then be reviewed and approved and then the information resource will be posted for the general public to view.