Product Showcase 12/14/04

December 14, 2004

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December 14, 2004
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Here is the December edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s product and system solutions showcase. Browse Products: Delta Cooling Towers | Cooper B-Line | Metraflex | Cummins | Harrington Fire | CSE Specifier’s Guide

Free TowerSelect™ software for sizing corrosion-proof cooling towers
Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. introduces TowerSelect software, which will help you select the corrosion and leak proof cooling tower needed for your project. The program not only sizes the tower in Fahrenheit and Celsius but it allows the engineer to select based on varying sized footprints. Delta Cooling Towers are high efficiency counterflow designs and carry a 15 year warranty on the tower shell, which is molded into a unitary leak-proof structure of corrosion-proof engineered material. Our design provides for a competitive first cost position as well as significantly lower life cycle expenses for the building owner. 1-800-BUY DELTA because your clients deserve better!

Click here for FREE TowerSelect™ software

Alternative for insulated pipe applications
Cooper B-Line Armafixy solution for an insulated piping system.

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Fireloops solve seismic design challenges for fire sprinkler system in new American Airlines JFK terminal
Unique expansion loops allow simpler, tighter piping runs in New York terminal. “We installed dozens of Fireloops throughout the terminal in places I know we could not have used any other type of seismic joint,” comments Rocco Abbate Executive Vice President, SIRINA Fire Protection Corp. “The loops (Fireloops) solved a lot of issues. Click here for details.

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Simplify Power System Design
Only Cummins Power Generation designs, manufactures and pre-integrates gensets, transfer equipment and controls into one power system. With PowerCommand
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Fire Spy™ Tracker 8000
NEW-The Fire Spy™ System is a complete life safety notification system.
Addressable and/or conventional modular design
Auto programming
15 remote annunciators per panel
Expandable to 60 conventional zones (10 zones per module)
Network 64 panels (over 60,000 points)
Expandable to eight addressable loops two per module per panel
Drift compensation
Optional off-site trouble shooting capability
Easy to install, Program friendly
Meets new UL 864 standards
I-Spy and C-Spy Detectors
Experienced technical team
Experienced customer service team
Complete line of life safety equipment to meet your needs.
Quality service
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Specifiers Guide in a new digital format!

This handy guide can be housed right on your desktop for easy access and can be downloaded for offline use as well. The digital specifiers guide is produced in the same format as the print guide. You’ll find a comprehensive listing of product or service providers fast. All links in the digital edition are LIVE. So with the click of a button you’ll find the product or service information you need fast. Start using the new digital Specifiers Guide today.

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