NECA Issues “Yearbook” CD Installation Standards

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 11, 2005

The National Electrical Contractors Assn., Bethesda, Md., has issued its first digital compilation of National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS). Available on CD-ROM, the NEIS 2005 Yearbook includes the complete set of NECA’s performance standards for electrical construction and maintenance published through 2004. This Yearbook replaces the annual subscription series and will be produced annually.

“The engineering community is a major audience for our standards, and they’ve been clamoring to have them compiled in electronic form,” explained Brooke Stauffer, executive director for standards and safety at NECA.

The 2005 Yearbook includes new and updated standards for TOPIC 1, 2, 3. Standards are indexed by topic and can be viewed as PDF documents using the CD-ROM.

“We expect the 2005 NEIS Yearbook to expand the use of our standards by consulting engineers and other specifiers,” said Billie Zidek, NECA director of standards. We’ll be issuing an updated one each year from now on.”

The new annual CD is priced at $150 for NECA members ($300 for other purchasers), versus $450 for NECA members ($900 for other purchasers) for the complete set of National Electrical Installation Standards paper books.

NEIS have long been available in hard copy and as PDF downloads from NECA’s website. NEIS and several more under development. NEIS cover the full range of products and systems installed by professional electrical contractors, from high-voltage switchgear to lighting fixtures to fiber-optic communications systems.

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