National Electrical Code changes open for public comment

The NFPA will be voting on changes to the National Electrical Code in 2013 in Chicago. Public comment on potential changes is open until October 2012.

June 5, 2012

In 2013, the NFPA membership will vote on the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code at the NFPA Conference and Expo in Chicago. The 2014 NEC will be the 53rd edition of the code, and some of the changes that have been initially accepted through the proposal phase of the revision process indicate that these are indeed interesting times in the electrical industry. Those changes emphasize the importance of providing jurisdictions with a code that is up to date with the latest innovations in the way electricity is used and controlled.

Proposals to include five new articles in the 2014 NEC were accepted at the ROP meeting held in January in South Carolina. The new articles are representative of the current expansion of innovation and technology in the electrical industry and address topics that have not been covered in earlier editions of the code, or topics that have been covered but for which new technology has necessitated a more focused set of performance and installation safety requirements.

The closing date for comments on the proposed changes to the new NEC is October 17, 2012. Learn more about some of the proposals being made here.