Most-viewed Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles in 2023

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles this year covered topics including medical gas storage, emergency generator systems and NFPA 101

By Anna Steingruber January 10, 2024
Courtesy: Dewberry

Most-viewed Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles published in 2023 covered topics such as medical gas storage, emergency generator systems and NFPA 101.

1. Back to basics: Medical gas storage under NFPA 99

This covers the basics of medical gas storage and the requirements for health care spaces detailed in NFPA 99

2. Considerations for emergency generator systems

Learn about factors to consider when designing a generator for an emergency power system

3. How to choose between an ECM and a VFD

While each has its place in HVAC applications, electronically commutated motors and variable frequency drives have important differences in simplicity, flexibility, cost and other factors

4. A guide to upcoming changes in the 2024 edition of NFPA 101

Important changes in the 2024 edition of NFPA 101 include modular rooms, portable fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detection and alternative care sites

5. How to design fire sprinkler systems for high-piled storage

Learn the fire sprinkler code and requirements for high-piled storage systems design

6. Exploring basic components of a low-voltage electrical system

Electrical projects often require low-voltage systems. Learn about the various equipment here

7. Back to basics: Introduction to dedicated outdoor air systems

Outdoor air is an important component of a building’s overall health and well-being

8. Back to basics: Sizing low-voltage power conductors for a lift station

Electrical engineers must learn to size electrical conductors appropriately per the NEC

9. Sustainable condenser water system strategies

The condenser water system has a big impact on efficiency, long-term maintainability and total cost of ownership for the chilled and condenser water system

10. NFPA 13 performance-based design solutions

This article will discuss two types of designs for fire and life safety systems: prescriptive and performance-based design

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