Life safety dampers solutions

Ruskin's I503 design provides mechanical engineers and contractors with an alternative method of construction for the top or bottom of rated shaft penetrations when applying dampers.

By Ruskin April 11, 2017

Ruskin’s portfolio of life safety solutions includes more than 70 models of 1.5 to 1 hour rated fire and combination fire/smoke dampers that can be mounted horizontally in UL design I503. The I503 design is a 2-hour fire-rated protective membrane made from steel studs and gypsum board. Until recently, UL555 fire dampers were only to be applied in concrete/masonry construction for horizontal applications. Combined with the flexibility that UL design I503 offers, the Ruskin FSD-LP series provides a cost-effective energy-saving choice for its airflow performance. In addition, the Ruskin DFD-LP provides airflow performance along with installation and maintenance-friendly features. Ruskin UL-listed solutions are available with a variety of standard features and labor-saving options.