Connected IP and Wi-Fi product series

Controller permits integration with building management systems and convergence with IT networks.

By Distech Controls April 16, 2015

The launch of both the ECLYPSE connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series and the ENVYSION responsive Web-based design and visualization interface provide powerful connectivity and advanced control, monitoring, and analysis, preparing users for the Internet of Things (IoT) building. Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Connected System Controller is a modular and scalable platform providing BACnet/IP, and wired and wireless IP connectivity, permitting integration with building management systems (BMS) and convergence with IT networks. ENVYSION can be embedded in an ECLYPSE Connected System Controller or hosted on EC-NetAX, powered by the NiagaraAX Framework, BMS to create advanced user interfaces, from single equipment to complete views of a BMS. Providing the flexibility to choose one’s implementation and integration architecture, the ECLYPSE Connected System Controller can be paired with ENVYSION for a completely autonomous solution, or used as part of an integrated BMS, with EC-NetAX. 

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