Project profile: Power system solutions for colocation data center

9395 uninterruptible power system helps the colocation data center achieve an efficiency rating of greater than 94%.


Project name: Atlantic.Net colocation data center

Project type: Uninterruptible power system upgrade/data hosting solution

Engineering Firm: Eaton Corporation

Building type: Colocation data center

Location: Orlando, FL

Timeline: 2009-2014

Caption: The 9395 UPS delivers unrivaled uptime to Atlantic.Net's colocation facility in Orlando, Florida. Source: EatonProject background

Established in 1994, Atlantic. Net is a colocation and hosting solutions provider. Operating a 25,000-square-foot colocation data center in Orlando, Fla., the company helps businesses oversee their data needs with services such as virtualization hosting, cloud servers, managed and dedicated servers, colocation, business continuity, data backup, security and private networks. As a colocation and hosting solutions provider tied to strict service level agreements (SLAs), even a momentary blip in availability could yield undesired consequences. Late last year, as the company’s existing Eaton 9315 uninterruptible power system (UPS) was approaching the end of its product lifecycle, Atlantic.Net began exploring options for a new unit capable of safeguarding its critical equipment and customer data that has a small footprint, high efficiency and robust communication capabilities.

UPS replacement

Eaton replaced its 9315 UPS with 9395 UPS, model 825 kVA. The 9395’s inherent redundancy option allows the unit to be configured so its uninterruptible power modules (UPMs) automatically act as N+1 redundant systems. 9395 also helps the data center achieve an efficiency rating of greater than 94%.

Power management software

The Power Xpert enterprise software provides system-level management of power infrastructure via a web browser, from any desktop, on one screen. The software provides access to critical information from any location with trend viewer, layout manager and quality manager modules. The Variable Module Management System (VMMS) technology optimizes overall system efficiency even at low load levels. The UPS it thus able to set redundant power modules to ready state, enabling the remaining power modules to drive the load with higher efficiency. When the load increases again and more power modules are needed, the system shifts the load into additional modules immediately. VMMS adapts both to a single UPS consisting of multiple power modules and to larger, multiple UPS parallel systems. If the power needs increase, the 9395 can be expanded in building-block increments by adding additional modules, eliminating the need to purchase a new UPS.

Enclosure systems

The enclosure systems at the data center include more than 100 Eaton Vantage S2 cabinets. The systems feature a modular design that addresses air volume, air direction and heat exhaust within the enclosure. As applications grow or equipment is consolidated, cooling capacity can easily be increased by modifying the doors, side panels and tops, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Project results

  • Ensure continuous uptime and high availability of critical equipment in its data center, protecting its reputation and upholding SLAs.
  • Preserve valuable data center space with the 9395’s small footprint. 
  • Monitor and manage network infrastructure with Power Xpert.


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