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Sam Sciacca is an active senior member in the IEEE and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the area of utility automation. He has more than 25 years of experience in the domestic and international electrical utility industries. Sciacca serves as the chair of two IEEE working groups that focus on cyber security for electric utilities: the Substations Working Group C1 (P1686) and the Power System Relay Committee Working Group H13 (PC37.240). Sciacca also is president of SCS Consulting.

Designing substations and transformers for bi-directional power flow
November 27, 2012

Interconnection of transformers in substations that need to accommodate the bi-directional flow of power. » more
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Accommodating bi-directional power flow in substation design
November 06, 2012

Address aspects of your client’s substation design to accommodate the bi-directional flow of power. » more
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Addressing time synchronization issues, related standards work
October 16, 2012

Learn to finesse the issues of system design and the selection of devices in the market. » more
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Assessing vendor claims on time resolution in IEDs
October 09, 2012

Here are some tips for assessing vendors' devices that accept time inputs. » more
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'Big data’ and the need for improved time synchronization standards
September 18, 2012

Without time synchronization, vast streams of data have limited use. » more
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Look under the hood: IEC 61850 for DER interconnections
September 04, 2012

Engineers should consider IEC 61850, which is being considered as a communications protocol. » more
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