WPI Videos: Fire Protection Overview with Milosh Puchovsky

Fire Protection Overview with Milosh Puchovsky

Speaker: Milosh Puchovsky, PE, FSFPE, Professor of Practice and Director of Corporate & Professional Education, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Milosh Puchovsky encourages engineers to consider the goals and objectives when designing a fire protection system in a commercial building. Manufacturers of fire protection products also consider the goals of their fire protection products. Finally, the green/sustainable aspects of fire protection engineering must be considered.

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Puchovsky’s areas of expertise include: water-based fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire pumps, water mist, water spray, and foam; gaseous suppression systems including clean agents; building and fire code development and application; occupant egress and life safety concepts; fire engineering design practices including performance-based design; regulatory policy; loss control techniques and practices; hazard analysis; engineering business practices; and litigation support.