What is a fire suppression system?

Fire suppression frequently includes a sprinkler system to extinguish or contain a fire. Suppression systems include water suppression, gaseous agents, pre-action systems, clean agent suppression systems and a host of specialty systems. Fire sprinkler systems are considered active fire suppression systems.
Fire, Life Safety December 29, 2017

Designing passive and active fire protection systems

Fire protection engineers should consider the building's construction, fire suppression systems, and smoke control when designing active and passive fire protection systems. The International Building Code and NFPA standards provide guidance on passive and active fire protection systems.

By Robert F. Accosta Jr. & John Barrot, Arup
Suppression Systems May 30, 2017

How to select a clean agent fire suppression system

Fire protection engineers should understand which clean agent fire suppression system is most appropriate for a mission critical facility.

By J. Adam Edwards, PE, and David Bhuta, PE, JENSEN HUGHES, Cary, N.C.