What does an integrated building include?

Building Envelope September 14, 2020

Integration, interoperability in high-performance buildings

When information and operational technology collaborate with business leaders, facility managers gain secure access to the data they need to achieve their sustainability goals

By George Hawkinson, Jarrod McMains and Matt Morris
Building Automation and Controls April 14, 2020

Integrating building systems through controls

By considering updated controls architecture, integrating building systems together becomes much more attainable and streamlined

By Elena Gowdy and Matt Fogarty
Building Automation and Controls September 13, 2019

Outcome-driven system integration in smart buildings

Digitalization is evolving the design and operation of the built environment and a smart building design approach can focus on outcomes that deliver results

By Jay Wratten, IALD, LC, WSP USA, Boulder, Colorado
Fire and Life Safety July 26, 2018

The benefits of integrated fire protection and life safety system testing

NFPA 3 and NFPA 4 explore integrated fire protection and life safety system testing and are vital to a building’s overall fire/life safety implementation.

By Allyn Vaughn, PE FSFPE, NV5, Las Vegas
Fire and Life Safety December 29, 2017

Designing passive and active fire protection systems

Fire protection engineers should consider the building's construction, fire suppression systems, and smoke control when designing active and passive fire protection systems. The International Building Code and NFPA standards provide guidance on passive and active fire protection systems.

By Robert F. Accosta Jr. & John Barrot, Arup
Building Automation and Controls September 25, 2015

Building systems integration best practices

Building automation systems (BAS) allow for state-of-the-art systems integration in nonresidential buildings.

By Sanjyot V. Bhusari and Michael Watts, Affiliated Engineers Inc.