Original air date August 10, 2023

What is the new energy landscape, and how does it affect microgrids?

By designing a microgrid for a building or campus, engineers can help their clients reduce reliance on the electric utility.

Attendees qualify for a certificate of completion or 0.1 Continuing Educational Units (CEU) after successful completion of a test for mySchneider portal members.

While relatively consistent for close to 100 years, the electric utility grid and the building market it supplies is now forced to change. Users of energy are increasingly also becoming producers and thus “prosumers.” This backdrop, along with the drive for digital transformation, sustainability and resilience is driving a “new energy landscape.” Microgrids are a way to optimize this scenario while also optimizing energy costs.

A microgrid is a small network of electricity users with a local source of supply that is usually attached to a centralized national grid, but can function independently. Electrical engineers are often tasked with designing a microgrid for building or campus clients.

This webcast will review the key market drivers that have led to this shift to microgrid. This will provide an overview of the types of microgrids along with the key components. Use cases and design considerations will help the electrical engineer understand if a microgrid may be right for a specific application.

Finally, the presenters will examine considerations for semiconductor facilities and what the new energy landscape means to the market.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain microgrids accurately.
  • Analyze the new energy landscape and discuss applications.
  • Identify market drivers that are pushing the change.
  • Summarize the different components of a microgrid.
  • Compare and contrast microgrid operation and optimization.
  • Distinguish different microgrid design considerations.
  • Assess microgrid needs specific to the market.
  • Discuss the microgrid project development process.

Presented By:
Gregg Morasca, VP, Microgrid Content, North America Operations, Schneider Electric

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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