Original air date November 10, 2022

Speech Privacy and Sound Masking in Modern Architecture


Sound masking has never been more important in the office.

In this webcast we will discuss the As, Bs, Cs of architectural acoustics and identify how these acoustic principals affect speech privacy, noise distractions and workplace comfort. We will define the term “speech privacy” and focus on the impact employees and employers experience. This webcast explores the impacts common construction techniques, interior furnishings, and COVID-19-related changes pose on the levels of speech privacy one can obtain, keeping in mind modern interior design may conflict with client’s speech privacy goals.

You’ll learn how sound masking contributes to increased speech privacy levels as well as the different general approaches sound masking systems use in terms of deployment, performance tradeoffs, and design parameters.

Employers need to understand how sound masking can mitigate the staff comfort issues that are likely to arise in our “new normal” office acoustics. And acoustical consultants need to understand how to effectively communicate to contractors and facility managers the reasons for installing sound masking in today’s professional environments.

Learning objectives:

  • Better understand the ways in which current architectural trends might adversely affect workplace acoustics.
  • Learn how office acoustics are being affected because of COVID-influenced staggered work schedules and inconsistent ambient sound.
  • How adversely affected office acoustics are addressed through the implementation of properly designed and installed sound masking solutions.
  • Better understand the ways in which sound masking has been engineered to reduce noise distractions and increase office privacy in acoustically challenged environments.

Presented By:
Shannon Geronimo, Business Development Manager, Biamp

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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