Original air date October 25, 2023

Love at First Insight: 5 Ways AI and BI Boost Client Acquisition


For many engineers, finding the right clients and winning the project is often a lot like dating. A successful acquisition process involves strong marketing and lead generation strategies, followed by crafting compelling proposals, negotiations, and project execution – much like building a new love connection.

AE firms often face challenges in strategically aligning project acquisition with their core objectives and culture. Founder of The Well-Designed Firm, Steve Burns, FAIA, will reveal how to use emerging technologies and business management tools, including AI platforms like Chat GPT, Bard, and Midjourney, to manage your firm effectively and tailor your sales and marketing endeavors. Think of it as “swiping right” on the projects that are the perfect fit for your firm!

This session will also focus on identifying the right clients, winning them over, and positioning your firm uniquely in the market.

Prepare to be inspired by one of the most accomplished and forward-thinking experts in the AE industry! We invite you to attend this dynamic webinar led by Steven Burns, FAIA, a visionary with nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial and AE business consulting experience. As the founder of The Well-Designed Firm and former Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software, Steve has witnessed the full spectrum of the industry – from the best to the worst.

Learning objectives:

  • Align project pursuit with strategic objectives and firm culture, enhancing efficiency and profitability.
  • Leverage business intelligence and artificial intelligence in the AE industry, specifically focusing on platforms like Chat GPT, Bard and Midjourney.
  • List effective strategies for tailoring sales and marketing efforts to the firm's strengths, improving proposal preparation, and influencing client decisions.
  • Identify and win the right clients for your firm.
  • Differentiate your services in a competitive market.

Presented By:
Steven Burns, FAIA, Founder, The Well-Designed Firm

Moderated By:
Tyler Wall, Associate Editor, CFE Media and Technology

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