Original air date September 7, 2023

Learn about acoustic design for occupant well-being, health and productivity

Creating healthy and productive environments in modern buildings starts with effective acoustic design. Learn about the technologies and design methods.

Attendees qualify for a certificate of completion.

In the contemporary built environment, acoustically optimized spaces are essential for fostering occupant wellbeing, health and productivity. Engineers must understand the pivotal role of sound masking in modern acoustic design, and know the technologies, techniques and benefits of this innovative approach.

Building designers and engineers will learn how sound masking can create comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing spaces in various settings, such as offices, educational institutions, health care facilities and public spaces. The webinar commences with an overview of the connection between acoustics and wellbeing, emphasizing the significant influence of sound on human health, cognitive performance and overall satisfaction. Examples of cuttingedge sound masking technologies and strategies will be shared, illustrating their potential to revolutionize the design and experience of modern spaces.

Throughout the session, attendees will be introduced to inspiring case studies demonstrating the successful integration of sound masking solutions in reallife projects. These examples will showcase the adaptability and transformative power of sound masking in catering to diverse occupant needs and preferences while addressing common acoustic challenges.

By attending this webinar, building professionals from various backgrounds will gain a deeper understanding of the vital role sound masking plays in shaping healthy, productive spaces that prioritize occupant wellbeing and encourage innovation and collaboration

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the relationship between acoustics and well-being. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how sound affects human health, cognitive performance and overall satisfaction, emphasizing the significance of sound masking in creating comfortable, functional spaces.
  • Become familiar with cutting-edge sound masking technologies and techniques. Attendees will be introduced to the latest sound masking technologies and strategies, equipping them with the knowledge needed to implement innovative solutions in various settings.
  • Analyze and apply sound masking solutions in real-world projects. Review case studies.
  • Learn to implement sound masking while adhering to industry standards and sustainability goals. Participants will acquire practical guidance on incorporating sound masking technologies in their projects while complying with industry standards and sustainability objectives.

Presented By:
William Nattress, Director of Consultant Relations, Biamp

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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