Original air date May 24, 2023

Ice Heating: Reimagining thermal energy storage in an electrified world

Explore why the Thermal Battery Storage-Source System (SSHP) offers designers a reliable, efficient solution for electrified heating in support of a building owner’s overall decarbonization goals.


Air-to-water heat pumps are often considered by consulting engineers as a solution for fully electric heating. However, depending on the building setting or climate application required, you may have trouble accommodating this type of solution, including dense urban spaces lacking available roof space, or colder climates where outdoor ambient temperatures reach below 0°F.

This webcast will explore reliable, efficient solutions for electrification of thermal management systems aimed at reducing carbon emissions in dense urban environments where rooftop space is limited or in cold climates. Thermal Battery™ storage-source heat pump system benefits, limitations, and best practices will also be discussed.

Register today to better understand the Thermal Battery Storage-Source System (SSHP) and how to reduce initial system equipment costs.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the electrification landscape
  • Overcome heat pump capabilities and limitations
  • Identify key considerations for selection, sizing and flexibility
  • Understand key benefits of reclaiming and storing energy for future heating use
  • Compare electrified system types
  • Unlock thermal energy storage incentives

Presented By:
Sarah Hilden, HVAC Applications Engineer, Trane Commercial
Paul Valenta, Thermal Storage Product Manager, Trane Commercial
Mark MacCracken, Vice President, CALMAC® Portfolio, Trane Commercial

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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