Original air date November 9, 2022

How to Select and Specify Electrical Quick Connect Solutions


From the largest hospitals and data centers to small and mid-size businesses, society’s increasing reliance on continuous electrical power requires engineers and facility managers to ensure power continuity across an ever-widening range of applications. This webinar will survey today’s innovative range of quick connect solutions and the benefits they bring to mission critical and commercial applications.

Electrical engineers will learn about:

  • Understanding and complying with NFPA requirements for emergency and standby backup power systems (NEC 700, NFPA 110).
  • Specifying separate quick connect panels and transfer switches for maximal locational flexibility.
  • Integrating a manual transfer switch into a quick connect panel to save space, speed installation, improve quality and reduce overall costs.
  • Incorporating circuit breakers for sources and loads to provide a comprehensive pre-engineered solution.
  • Providing connections for both a generator and a load bank in a single panel.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn why the NEC requires a backup-for-the-backup at regulated facilities.
  • Understand why NFPA 110 requires adequate load and how a quick connect panel can enable effective compliance.
  • Recognize when to separate or integrate transfer switches and breakers in quick connect solutions.
  • Discover how to bring backup power to facilities that cannot afford a permanent generator.
  • Review case studies for health care, data center and industrial applications.

Presented By:
Joseph Carlson, Senior Field Sales Engineer, Lean Practitioner, Agile CRT, ASCO
Bethany Richter, Product Manager, ASCO Packaged Power, ASCO

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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