Original air date December 11, 2023

How to design power control system modernization projects

When renewing power control systems, understanding how it is specified reduces disruption to the electrical system.


Electrical engineers often must update a building’s power systems to meet new power needs, to replace obsolete components or to account for unplanned equipment additions. Renewing rather than replacing power control systems can allow the engineer to minimize disruptions, to expedite project completion and to lower costs.
A power control system shall be listed and evaluated to control the output of one or more power production sources, energy storage systems and other equipment. The power control system shall limit current and loading on the busbars and conductors supplied by the power control system.
During this session, learn about specifying these power control systems to aid in a client’s need for a tight budget, reduced downtime, improved safety and enhanced equipment.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the basics of power control system modernization.
  • Know when to specify a power control system upgrade or modification.
  • Become familiarized with drawing markup packages and sequences of operation options.
  • Understand component-, door- and panel-level modernization options.
  • Review examples and case studies.

Presented By:
Dominic Magni, Business Development Manager, ASCO Power Services
Aaron Samuels, Regional Project Manager, ASCO Power Services

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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