Original air date September 24, 2020

How to design integrated systems in buildings

System integration is key to smart buildings. Learn how to specify the right system for your retrofit or new construction project.


The immediate need to know more about intelligent buildings, system integration and the use of these smart systems requires consultants to better understand integrated systems. According to recent research, the interest in analytics and technologies to deliver intelligent buildings is in greater demand.

By integrating mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems through use of Division 25, engineers can offer their clients a better understanding of exactly what’s happening in their building. COVID-19 requires building owners to know even more about their buildings and the automated systems that control them.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of industry trends affecting digital applications that are cybersecure and mobile accessible.
  • Review research and details about smart building technologies, and how COVID-19 has changed engineers’ focus on integrated systems.
  • Learn how the convergence of mechanical and electrical systems can assist engineers in helping their clients gain improved performance and return on investment.
  • Learn through specific use cases, how to improve a building owner’s: safety, compliance and well-being in the time of COVID-19 and beyond; Business continuity in the time of COVID-19 and beyond; and efficiency.

Presented By:
Jeremy McCullough, Sr. Consulting Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric
David Eye, Sr. Consulting Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric
Ram Kaushik, U.S Offer Manager, Digital Power Division, Schneider Electric

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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