Original air date August 31, 2022

How to Design for Reduced Incident Energy Exposure

To avoid arc flash incidents, electrical engineers must understand the codes, standards and design requirements when designing for arc flash mitigation.


Arc flash and other arc-related events are a main cause of fire, personnel injury and damage to electrical equipment. Arc flash incidents can occur for several reasons including foreign objects such as tools and hands reaching into live areas, degradation of insulating materials and connections over time, dust buildup, abrupt energy spikes, and loose electrical connections, to name a few. As a consulting engineer designing electrical distribution systems, you can mitigate these risks through good design practices.

During this presentation you will learn how to design to help prevent these arc flash incidents and minimize the severity of these events when they do occur. This will include ensuring your designs meet NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) as well as NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584.1.

We will also discuss a new means for designing for reduced incident energy exposure on the line side. This new method is extremely useful where line-side propagation of an arcing fault will increase the incident energy released in an event.


This educational session will provide 1.0 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for mySchneider portal members. Please register at https://www.se.com/us/e2e. A certificate of completion will also be provided for those who are not mySchneider portal members.

Learning objectives:

  • Know that arc flash maintenance and design mitigation are paramount to electrical safety.
  • Understand major codes and standards related to arc flash mitigation design, such as NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584.1.
  • Learn design techniques that will reduce arc flash incident energy.
  • How to address both greenfield and brownfield applications.

Presented By:
Kyle Kocarek, Product Manager, Power Systems, Schneider Electric

Moderated By:
Amara Rozgus, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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