Original air date October 19, 2023

How companies are using digital services for critical business outcomes — and why you should too

Across different industries, companies and organizations are using power, asset, and environmental monitoring to maximize business operations and increase operations reliability.

Industrial Engineering works in front of a monitoring screen in the control center. technology and AI concept.


With the new revision of NFPA® 70B, more companies across every industry now want to use digital technologies and services to enhance their operations, meet their business goals, and comply with leading industry standards — higher uptime, increased production rates, decreased energy use, etc. Yet, 77% indicate that the pace of data intelligence digitally collected by their assets is outpacing the skills of those responsible for using the data. Furthermore, many companies don’t have the capacity to manage their own data, let alone use it to improve their outcomes.

In this webcast, Alfredo Arriola will discuss how data and digitalization can deliver critical business outcomes ranging from safety and compliance to resilience and reliability, from efficiency and optimization to sustainability. He will also discuss how Schneider Electric’s digital technologies have delivered the mentioned outcomes to customers in the healthcare industry and others.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain how the NFPA 70B Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance has impacted the industry.
  • How electrical maintenance can positively impact electrical equipment longevity.
  • Understand the benefits of digital electrical networks.
  • How preventive maintenance practices enhances safety.

Presented By:
Alfredo Arriola, Regional Sales Manager, Schneider Electric

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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